DentalWare for General Practitioners

Packed with simple and yet powerful practice management features such as appointment scheduling, billing, electronic claim submission, recall, doctor clinical notes, practice analysis and more...

Appointment Scheduler

  • Support unlimited number of practitioners.

  • Book appointments with different patients simultaneously. Great for offices with multiple computers.

  • Quick navigation - shortcuts to go to different days and next recall date. DentalWare will even pick the next available time slot for you!

  • Fully customizable - view appointments by day, by week, by one practitioner or all practitioners, set colors for different procedure types and confirmation status.

  • One-click email confirmations.

  • Smart reminders - remind you of patient medical alerts, pre-medications, overdue account balances, recall eligibility at the time of booking.

  • Pending appointment list -track cancellations, no shows and short notice patients. You will never lose a potential appointment!

Patient Records

  • Accessibility - access patient files from any computers.

  • Keep track of patient demographics, insurance coverage, recalls, medical/dental history, clinical notes, billing history and other family members all in one place.

  • Account summary - individual patient balance and total account balance all at a glance.

  • Appointment statistics at a glance.

  • Security - patient records are permanent records, with automatic date and time stamp.


  • Express check out - various billing options to ensure front desk is ready to bill the patient as soon as treatment is complete.

  • Book appointments with different patients simultaneously. Great for offices with multiple computers.

  • Simplified accounting - easy to understand ledger.

  • Quick payments - one step payment entry to pay off numerous accounts/patient balances, all on one screen!

  • Flexible pay out - extensive billing reports to show billing and payment break down by owners/partners, associates and hygienists.

  • Track remaining insurance allowances.

  • Billing is always complete - DentalWare reminds you of any unbilled/unclaimed treatments, post dated cheques/credit card charges.

  • Audit trail - complete audit trail of all billing entries, including corrections.

Electronic Insurance Submission (EDI)

  • Quick reimbursements - significantly speed up reimbursement time and reduce claim rejections.

  • Patient co-payments - Ease collection of patient co-payments.

  • Secured submission - DentalWare is CDAnet certified and ITRANS ready. We support both internet and modem submissions.

  • Supported transactions - claims, predeterminations, coordination of benefits, reversals and eligibility checks.

  • EDI depository - submission history, responses and documents are all in one place, available any time when patients request a copy.


  • Boost recall revenue - comprehensive tracking of booked and missed recalls.

  • Generate patient recall list for any period of time.

  • Contact recall patients by phone, emails, letters or post cards.

  • View recall information for multiple family members all on one screen.

  • One-click recall booking - simply drag patient from recall list directly to appointment scheduler.

  • Track staff performance - recall appointment statistics booked by different staff member.

Contact/Document/Clinical Notes Management

  • Contact Management - Contact tab to view and add patient correspondences/conversations.

  • Document Management - attach electronic documents from scanner/ emails to patient files.

  • Clinical Notes - Remark tab to view and add doctors' clinical notes.

  • Frequently used notes - customize your own frequently used notes to speed up repetitive note entries.

  • Date and Time Stamp - DentalWare automatically records date, time and staff member who creates/modifies contact/doctor notes.

To Do List

  • Organize to do tasks by staff member, with start date and due date.

  • Track progress of to do tasks.

Fee Guides

  • Accurate billing - procedure fees are always accurate.

  • Quick look up of procedure codes and fees.

  • Always up to date - constant and timely update of provincial and government fee schedules.

  • Flexibility - create your own fee guides, with custom procedure codes and fees.


  • Easy day end - one-click day end to generate summarized and detail reports (print or preview), to monitor daily productions and payment reconciliation.

  • Flexible pay out - extensive billing reports to show billing and payment break down by owners/partners, associates and hygienists.

  • Optimize administration - wide variety of report s from practice production, account receivables, overdue claims, to recall bookings, treatment plan reports, reactivate patient reports, birthday list, address labels and more...

  • Practice analysis - measure practice performance with treatment analysis, new patients and referrals, planned treatment acceptance, demographic statistics and more...


  • Personalized user login for each staff member.

  • Multi-level access control for each staff member.

  • Audit trail for addition/changes of important data, especially billing activities.

  • Secured and permanent patient and billing records.

Paperless Charting - ChartWare

Comprehensive and easy to use paperless odontogram and periodontal charting, from pre-conditions, treatment rendered to treatment planning. Seamless integration to DentalWare's billing system. Just chart and patient is ready to be billed. No more treatment code entries.


  • Comprehensive tools to chart various procedures, such as restorations, extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures and more...

  • Intuitive icons and symbols to represent different pre-conditions and treatments.

  • Automatic date and time stamp of treatments.

  • Chart and unchart individual or all treatment plans.

  • Customizable colors for different procedures and materials.

  • Seamless integration to DentalWare's billing system.

  • Improve communication with front desk, reduce billing errors.


  • Track probing, mobility, furcation, gingival margin, MGJ, plaque, calculus, bleeding and suppuration.

  • Numerical and graphical representation of periodontal examinations.

  • Each examination is automatically date and time stamped.

Software Bridges

Avoid duplicate data entry of patient data to your digital x-ray/imaging/other 3rd party software. With DentalWare bridge in place, patient files are setup automatically in other software with just one click!

Click here to see the list of available bridges.

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