DentalWare's e-Reminder for Specialists

Fully Automated Emails/Text Messages

  • Reach out to patients with a variety of messages, such as appointment confirmations, patient survey invitations and pending treatment reminders

  • Fully customizable messages based on specific appointment procedures e.g. consultation, surgery, implant

  • Fully customizable schedule to send messages at specific date and time automatically

  • A truly affordable time saver - free up staff from making phone calls, and focus on patient care

  • No long term contracts

Two-way Appointment Confirmations

  • Patients confirm with one click, or reply "ok" in a text message, and your scheduler is updated automatically!

  • No more telephone tag

  • Higher confirmation rate, less cancellations and no shows

  • Do not interrupt what patients may be doing during the day

  • Patients confirm any time, even outside of office hours

  • Convey more information, such as new patient registration, orthodontic reminders, by adding a web link in the message

Post Appointment Messages

  • Send fully automated messages in days or minutes after each appointment

  • Ideal for patient survey invitations and post surgery instructions

Remind "Pending List Patients"

  • Remind patients who have pending appointments, pending surgeries, recalls, or even new referrals who need consultation appointments

  • Cancellation happens - offer appointment time to pending treatment/recall patients to quickly fill gaps

  • Practical to send multiple reminders, as the computer will do the job

  • Boost revenue by booking more appointments

DentalWare's e-Reminder is BETTER THAN a Third Party System

  • Automatic update of appointment confirmation status in DentalWare

  • All messages sent are logged as Patient Notes automatically

  • No hassle of exporting/synchronizing with third party system

  • Convenience of single vendor support

Security and Privacy

  • Your DentalWare remains as secure as before

  • When patients respond to appointment confirmations, they do not access your DentalWare

  • DentalWare downloads all responses from a secured e-Reminder server

  • Email/SMS consents are verified to ensure compliance with privacy regulations

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