DentalWare for Specialists

Designed by OMFS for OMFS, DentalWareSP is a true multi-location, multi-specialty practice management system with an emphasis on referral tracking, large patient database and document management. Rich in features to streamline large number of new patient registrations, billing and referral communications in busy specialist offices. Ideal for single or multi-location practices.

True Multi-Location Architecture

  • Connect multi-offices.

  • Schedule and bill ANY patients from ANY locations.

  • Multi-location reporting - sub-total for each location, grand total for the practice.

  • True enterprise level database management system to handle very large patient database.

Appointment Scheduler

  • True multi-location, multi-practitioner and multi-specialty appointment scheduler.

  • Designed to deal with regular or dynamic practitioner schedule in different locations.

  • Plenty of room to book consult, surgery and post-op appointments simultaneously.

  • Fully customizable - view appointments by day/week/one practitioner/all practitioners/one location/multiple locations.

  • Ideal day scheduling.

  • Auto picking of next available time slot.

  • Handle large number of new referral appointments.

  • Short notice list to fill broken appointments or last minute cancellations.

  • Remind staff of patient cancellation/no show statistics, medical alerts, pre-medications, overdue account balances at the time of booking.

  • Track cancellations, no shows and short notice patients. You will never lose a potential appointment!

Patient Records and Medical History

  • Initial contacts - track new referrals (even potential new referrals), without creating patient files.

  • Handle large number of new patients.

  • Simplified patient registration process. Quick and easy insurance setup.

  • Create patient files and medical history in seconds, with DentalWare's Online Patient Registration system.

  • Fully customizable medical history questions.

  • Electronic medical history and patient consents, with electronic signatures.

One step entry of Consult Charges and Treatment Estimation

Electronic signature on Treatment Estimation

Billing and Electronic Insurance Submission

  • Express check out - various billing options to ensure front desk is ready to bill the patient as soon as treatment is complete.

  • Treatment templates to bill repetitive cases in seconds.

  • On step entry and electronic submission of both consult charges and surgery estimations.

  • Secured submission - DentalWare is CDAnet certified and ITRANS ready.

  • EDI depository - submission history, responses and documents are all in one place, available any time when patients request a copy.

  • Electronic signatures on claim forms, predetermination forms and treatment estimations.

  • Quick payments - one step payment entry to pay off today balances.

  • Simplified accounting - easy to understand ledger.

  • Flexible pay out - extensive billing reports to show billing and payment break down by owners/partners, associates and hygienists.

  • Billing is always complete - DentalWare reminds you of any unbilled/unclaimed treatments, post dated cheques/credit card charges.

  • Audit trail - complete audit trail of all billing entries, including corrections and adjustments.

Tamper-proof permanent patient records

Frequently Used Notes

Scribble notes on tablet

Patient Notes and Document Management

  • Central depository of all patient correspondences, such as referral slips, patient contact/appointment confirmation/email audit trail, signed patient consents, treatment estimations, surgery consents, x-rays, photos, letters to referral source, lab reports, doctor clinical notes, and more...

  • Tamper-proof permanent records with automatic user name and date/time stamps.

  • Frequently used notes - customize your own frequently used notes to speed up repetitive note entries.

  • Quick letters, clinical instructions and labels.

  • Scan paper records directly to DentalWare's patient files.

  • Freely scribble patient notes on tablets.

  • Fill out electronic forms on tablets.

  • Powerful search features including user defined keywords.

  • Preview note attachments, such as letters, x-rays, photos, doctor notes and electronic forms.

Electronic forms on tablet

Pending Initial Contacts (new referrals)

Pending Treatment Plans (unbooked surgery)

Call Back Lists

  • Automatically generate various lists to track potential appointments and maximize revenue:
    a. Pending Initial Contacts (new referrals)
    b. Pending Treatment Plans
    c. Short Notice Patient

  • Quick fill in of open appointment time slots, in case of broken appointment or last minute cancellations.

Letter templates for repetitive procedures

Referral Sources Communication

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Word.

  • One click personalized letters to referral sources, clinical instructions, implant letters.

  • Letter templates to create personalized letter for repetitive procedures in seconds.

  • Letters are automatically saved to DentalWare's patient files.

  • Electronic dictation and transcription features for more challenging cases.

Referral Tracking

  • Sophisticated "case oriented" referral reporting - a consult appointment + surgery appointment is considered as one treated case, instead of 2 treated cases.

  • Number of referrals versus number of treated cases.

  • Referral statistics for any consecutive 12 months, 4 quarters, or 4 years.

  • Referral statistics for a range of procedure codes. e.g. implant codes.

  • Track referral source contact information, favorite practitioners and ranking.

  • Referral source address labels, envelopes and export.

  • Organize referral sources by office locations.

  • Full integration with Microsoft Exchange contact management.


  • Patient prescription history and medical alert at a glance.

  • Prescribe and print prescriptions in seconds.

  • Optional doctor's electronic signature.

  • Automatically include patient identification for monitored drugs (required in Ontario).

  • Tamper-proof permanent records with automatic user name and date/time stamps.


  • Boost recall revenue - comprehensive tracking of booked and missed recalls, ideal for periodontists.

  • Recall list for patients who need follow up.

  • Generate patient recall list for any period of time.

  • Contact recall patients by phone, emails, letters or post cards.

  • One-click recall booking - simply drag patient from recall list directly to appointment scheduler.

To Do/Message List

Send Instant Message

To Do List/Messages

  • Organize to do tasks by staff member, with start date and due date.

  • Track progress of to do tasks.

  • Send instant messages to other staff member in DentalWare.

Fee Guides

  • Fee guides for various specialties - OMFS, Endodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Anesthesiologists and General Practitioners.

  • Flexibility - create unlimited number of customized fee guides for each practitioner, each location or each specialty.

  • Accurate billing - procedure fees are always accurate.

  • Quick look up of procedure codes and fees.

  • Always up to date - constant and timely update of provincial and government fee schedules.


  • True multi-location reporting - sub-total for each location, grand total for the practice.

  • Easy day end - one-click day end to generate summarized and detail reports (print or preview), to monitor daily productions and payment reconciliation.

  • Flexible pay out - extensive billing reports to show billing and payment break down by owners/partners, associates and hygienists.

  • Optimize administration - wide variety of reports such as practice production, account receivables, overdue claims, OHIP billings, and more...

  • Practice analysis - measure practice performance with treatment analysis, new patients and referrals, demographic statistics and more...


  • Personalized user login for each staff member.

  • Multi-level access control for each staff member.

  • Audit trail for addition/changes of important data, especially billing activities.

  • Secured and permanent patient, medical history, billing, prescription and patient notes records.


  • Makes OHIP billing fast and easy

  • Submit electronic OHIP claims directly from DentalWare

  • No more paper claims and postages

  • Eliminate OHIP paper claim processing fees

  • No more duplicate entry of OHIP claims to 3rd party medical software

  • Automated reconciliation of OHIP reports

  • Fast OHIP response time:
    - Receive claim acknowledgment in 24 hours
    - Receive claim rejection errors in 2-3 days
    - Most claims are processed in the current month

  • Support both solo provider and group billing

Software Bridges

Avoid duplicate data entry of patient data to your digital x-ray/imaging/other 3rd party software. With DentalWare bridge in place, patient files are setup automatically in other software with just one click!

Click here to see the list of available bridges.

Patient Online Registration

A full-time and all-the-time secured patient on-line registration system. Patients fill out registration and medical history forms on a secured server prior to their first visit, at their own pace, and at the comfort of their homes. When patients arrive at your office, staff will complete the registration process in just a few seconds!

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Secure Patient Referral System

SafeReferral is a breakthrough referral management program that gives you the tools to track, send, and receive patient referrals. It is an easy and secure method for communication and transfer of sensitive patient information.

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